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Should I call my friend now or just wait for a week or so?

Following my question on whether or not call my friend: Should I give my friend a call or leave it as that? Plz read!?

My friend who´s in military and living across the country wrote me down today asking how I was. He´s married and I do know his kids from his 1st marriage went over there and payed him a visit. Well, his daughter told me she didn´t spent a nice time. So, I updated on my life and asked how he is. He replied this:

"I´m just working, enjoying friends and life". What up, do you think he´s OK with family, since he always talk about family. Should I call him to see how he is? We´ve always been close but IDK....advices please!

Should I call him today or wait a little longer?

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    A call is so much better than a email. Go for it.

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    You should definitely call him just to talk about how he is doing even if it means not mentioning that one thing. You guys r bffs and he may need some good news call him i recommend.

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    call him today of course then if you don't then he might think that you do not care about him as a friend!! :)

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    call today

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    call him before he forgets about you.

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    call now!

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