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Are Republicans proud of Sarah Palin and George W. Bush?

If you are a voter please tell me how proud you are of candidates such as Sarah Palins and George W. Bush! Thanks! :)

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    I think they are proud of them like how parents are proud when their retarded kid doesn't poop his pants at the age of 31.

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    Well, I was never a fan of Palin. To be honest, she never really appealed to me much, so I'm not really PROUD of her. She doesn't seem to be able to back up a lot of what she says, but she certainly didn't deserve a lot of the stuff that was said about her.

    As for George W. Bush, to be honest, yeah, he wasn't the greatest president in the world, but he was a good guy. Maybe he wasn't that much of a leader, but he was certainly a decent and kind human being. I can't give a clear answer on this.

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    I suppose by me doing so, you will immediately become one of their fans? (That's a rhetorical question and does not require an answer.) To the average critical thinker, it should become evident that Republicans hold both in high regard. Do you feel better now? You should. You got your daily "kick in the crotch" of George Bush and Sarah Palin done.

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    I love GW Bush and Sarah Palin like Garfield loves lasagna!

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    What the hell is your fixation with Palin. Just shows the adolescent mindset of you inexperienced people. In a couple years you'll see why we are proud of Bush.

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    I am very proud of how Sarah Palin raised her kids (and her kids' kids) and how she killed that moose because mooses are satan's animals.

    I am very proud of George W. Bush for showing American that a rich, white, christian man CAN be President of the United States after his dad already has been. That makes me very proud of the United States of USA.

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    Yes, they are both record holders!

    Shrub holds the record as the president with the lowest IQ, and Sarah as the woman politician with the least intelligence.

    Consider these facts:

    GWB repeatedly ignored warnings and reports that terrorists were "planning to do something big inside the USA involving airplanes"! He let over 3000 Americans be murdered and the WTC destroyed in order to have an excuse to make his little war of revenge against Iraq. Even so, when the American people were not 100% for the war, he--and Dick--came up with all the WMD's fabrications and lies.

    Reps want to give Shrub credit for "keeping us safe" after 9/11; however, what they don't want to mention is that GWB seemed to be more concerned about the safety of the Bin Laden family (That's right! the relatives of OSAMA BIN LADEN) because every single one of them was escorted out of the country in jet planes, at the same time that Americans were stranded all over the US airports unable to get to their destinations.

    ".....after all, this is the guy who tried to kill my daddy at one time." The "war" president of Saddam Hussein.

    (Sorry for my long answer, but this is in response to the genious who said that GWB "kept us safe")

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    Sarah is pretty. Bush ran the country great until the libs captured congress.

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    Yes, Republicans are openly proud of them.

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    Absolutely. They are very qualified to be in office. I will agree Palin is a bit green, but give her time to 'cut her teeth'. President Bush was a fantastic President that kept our nation safe and prosperous.

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