one of the best things about being pregnant?

well 2 best things actually lol.

1) the scans seeing the lil un at the 1st scan and then at the 2nd scan and seeing the complete difference in babies size.

2) feeling the lil un kick im 21 weeks and she does not move alot in the day but at day she moves around alot and its the most amazing feeling in the world.

so for all the pregnant woman out there what do you enjoy about being pregnant (lets focus on the posative instead of the negative lol)

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    so far its the baby kicking. she started kicking at 14 weeks and they have gotten quite strong so you could feel and see them at 15-16 weeks on the outside.i love it because when she gets mad she starts kicking and my husband laughs when it happens since he can see all the random kicking and my stomach ending up poking out in odd random places.

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    I love being pregnant and didn't realize how quickly I would miss it.

    I think the best things about being pregnant are seeing the baby on the ultrasound for the first time, hearing the heart beat and feeling each and every kick.

    I miss being a human punching bag and cannot wait to be it again!

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    I love feeling him kick still and I'm 36 weeks! Its one of the few things I do get to enjoy while being pregnant, otherwise every other week it seemed like I was sick with one thing or another! I wasn't suppose to get two ultrasounds I ended up getting two though because I was in the hospital and they needed to check him...but they weren't that far apart so I don't know the feeling like you do!

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    I love the kicks--karate master now that i'm 9 months.

    I also love that i can get my husband to do just about anything for me while pregnant-which he would anyways, but i don't feel guilty right now, lol.

    I also love preparing all the clothes; baby clothes are so cute!

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  • The day after you give birth, cause the pain of labor is a little better, and you can get to know your kid.

    I commend all of you women who go through this much pain to bring a little joy into the world.

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    1. I get to feel my lil girl kick and kick!

    2. I get to take long naps!!!

    3. Gives me a excuse to be a brat to my boyfriend (I love screwing with him because no matter what He loves me)

    4. I get to hold my lil girl.

    5. SHOPPING for baby stuff!!!

    6. No period, I hate my period - it sucks -

    7. Im pretty much spoiled by my boyfriend (he does absolutly anything for me whenever I want!!! Isnt that love or what!!!)

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    Noting that you want to focus on the positive instead of the negative...

    I enjoy how my husband finds me incredibly sexy. He loves my pregnant body. :)

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    Having this 100% pure thing in me. Pregnant women represent newness, sweetness, well, most pg women anyway!

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    thankyou i am glad you posted this! :)

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