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Whats the easiest way to learn the splits?

Well I wanna try out for cheer and the only way to make it is by doing the spilts. whats the easiest way to get down all the way both ways??? Bonus question.. How do you kick back when in a backbend??

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    Some people are just more naturally flexible than others. I believe that ANYONE who really works at it can learn to do the splits. However, before you try to get into a split, be sure you have stretched your legs.

    Try a pike stretch 1st; sit on the floor on a pike, legs straight, toes pointed, and try and get your nose as close to your knees as you can. Hold for 30 seconds. Next, flex your feet, keeping the nose as far down as possible. After you have done this, sit in a wide straddle, and attempt to get your elbows on the floor. Hold 30 seconds, then reach your hands as far out as possible, attempting to put your nose on the floor. Again, hold 30 seconds.

    Next, place either leg in front, and lunge from your knee; your rear knee is on the floor, your front foot is far in front. Hold 30 seconds, then sit back, straighten the front leg, and try to place your nose on your knees. Then slide as far into the split as you are able. Repeat on the other side. Hold each position 30 seconds.

    NEVER bounce while stretching or push yourself past the point of pain. Slow and steady does it.

    IT just takes time, practice and youl be there in no time :)

    Hope this helps,


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    Great question.

    The joke is that "There is no easy way to learn splits". It's painful every way you do it.

    I suggest this, however. Get a friend, preferably a good friend with a sadistic streak. Do the following:

    1. Put on a cloth belt around your waist.

    2. Lean your back up against a wall and slide downward to the ground while spreading your legs apart to make a split.

    3. Get your friend to sit down opposite you (facing you) and have him place his foot on each of your calves or shins.

    4. Your friend should grab the cloth belt and SLOWLY AND GENTLY push your legs to the wall with his feet. YOU WILL NEED TO TELL YOUR FRIEND WHEN TO STOP. He will hold your legs in that position for a minute or two (or at least until you feel a good stretch).

    5. When you've had enough you can either go further OR you can stop. You should move your legs back together slowly and shake them out.

    It will be painful and you must be honest. I have a friend tell me jokes when I had to do this. It's hard to laugh and cry at the same time.

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    Stretch everyday and often. Have someone partner stretch with you and apply pressure while keeping your form. It's also best to stretch after taking a bath or shower - you usually can stretch farther and thus make more improvement. Make a checklist chart to motivate yourself to do it everyday. Give yourself a reward after 5 consecutive days of stretching, for example. I recommend 2 sets of 30 seconds to start and then moving up in time. From my experience, you should at least do 2 sets of stretch holds - usually you can stretch farther the second time. Do not bounce! I wouldn't recommend this, but some have also tried muscle relaxants - it's always better to do things naturally.

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    Im a Seminole High School Dazzler and the way we have to learn to do splits is to sit in 4th on floor. (Both Legs off to one side and bent, pointed toes) then lean forward to stretch then back. extend both legs in front of you and lean forward and touch your toes. Then go back to forth on floor then simply open your legs to extensions (straight legs) and roll into your split. Then repeat on both sides. Stretch your legs well before you attempt a split to avoid ripping muscles. Pointers: Legs stretches that are good could simply being sitting on your tailbones with your legs open and lean forward then flex your feet and then point your feet. and repeat. After a few good stretches you will get the splits. Good Luck on your Tryout! :D

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    Go to the doctor and have them break your legs at the pelvis point so that they will grow back awkward-like and the splits will be much easier to do. (Although it will be very hard to walk the first two weeks but you'll be up and SPLITTING in no time)

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    stretch everyday, do the splits and hold them for about 10-20 minutes to improve.

    you just have to use your muscles and kick over.

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    easiest way to learn to do the splits is learn to strech

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