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What's the best way to tell a girl that her underwear is showing in public?

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    Oh Man, I can answer this one for you from experience.

    I was a manager at a restaurant. This gorgeous but kinda shy girl with no experience started waiting tables. She was really tall and wore tight pin striped slacks and a white shirt that was way too short for her long torso,

    She obviously did not know that when she put her apron on and tied it in back, the back of her shirt would ride up on the knot.

    Well after a few hours of hard work in a hot and sweaty environment. Running back and forth and bending to clear and serve tables Her underwear would start to ride up on her, and show above her waistband.

    Well this went on for quite some time without her noticing because when she took her apron off her shirt would cover her waistband. And she was too busy working too hard to check herself when she had it on. So we giggled at her, and secretly guessed what color she would be wearing today, all the cooks would gawk and drool over her when she came back to get her food, and she never got it. She was really sweet.

    One day it just got to be too funny, her shirt was hiked way up, and her underwear was sticking out well over two inches. Her back was glistened with sweat and everyone was looking at her and having a giggle, and she just didn't get it!!!! So while she was getting drinks one of the girls walked up to her giggling a little and said uh, you're panties are showing. She turned a little red and was like "oh, ok." She pulled up on the sides of her pants a little which only served to pull her underwear higher up her back. The other girl giggled at her more and said here let me help you out, grasped both sides of her pants at the hip and pulled them down to the floor!!!

    A few of the drinks went over and drenched the poor girl, she turned beet red, and shriked a little. Then she realized the only thing to do was pull her pants back up and get back to work.

    So I'm not sure that was the best way............... But it sure as hell let her know.

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    Just tell her. Quietly of course. She'll appreciate it much more than if some random stranger tells her. If she is a random stranger you see, either don't tell her, or do the same. As long as you don't make a scene.

    Of course, sexist as it may sound, it helps if you're a girl. Then she doesn't feel perved on.

    And remember...sometimes, girls do that anyway on purpose. I think it's their idea of 'style'.....

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    The best way would be just to whisper in her ear and tell her.

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    hahaha i remember you asked this a LONG time ago


    be like

    "hey, i was looking at your butt and i happened to notice that your underwear was showing....just letting you know....well bye"

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  • 1 decade ago

    tell her you like the color of her underwear. she will then notice.

  • 1 decade ago

    Point and laugh.

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    1 decade ago

    just tell her straight-forward

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    1 decade ago

    They already know.

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    just get her attention and whisper it...she shouldn't get upset...

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    "hmm, as long as your butt crack isn't showing!"


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