what kind of a present should i get kids in the hospital?

this past summer, i volunteered at the childrens hospital, and through it, i have gotten to know a lot of different kids that i play with each week. i know i will miss them when school starts and i want to get them something special. just a small gift, no food (i was thinking chocolate but i guess not). i was thinking maybe a small bracelet or necklace that says "faith" or "believe" or something for the girls, but i have no idea what to get the boys.

and i also want to get my advisor (shes been so nice to me and helped me get to know all the nurses and kids) something special. and maybe i should get the nurses something? i dont know, just a thought!

but please please tell me your opinions and what you think. all answers are appreciated :)

have a good day!

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    orientaltrading.com has great crafts for kids. they have these picture frames that you put together. That would be cute if you took pics with them and helped them make the frames and gave that to them as a gift.

    Now I work in a hospital we have volunteers up there all the time; i dont think you need to get the nurses anything too special, maybe a thank you card to the whole unit, and another to your advisor. I think that would be the most appropriate.

  • 1 decade ago

    No stuffed animals. I know lots of hospitals don't allow these. I would go with more of a craft idea. Maybe activity books or something that they can enjoy in the hospital.

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