Do you believe that:"Men are more intelligent than women"?

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    As history shows the majority of great inventors and discoverers were men but that could just be down to cultural differences between gender were women were not given the opportunity to excel! That problem still exists today so it is hard to know for sure. Personally I dont think it a matter of gender rather a persons education and opportunities.

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    Well the statement is clearly an over-generalization.

    However... "Intelligent" is also too vague a term to even apply it anywhere.

    What makes one "intelligent"?

    Knowing math and science? Understanding people? Being able to recite Shakespheare? Knowing all the Jazz songs of the 20th century? Being able to solve a crossword? Being able to paint a portrait? Knowing your body well enough to excel in sports?

    Most will agree that men and women tend excel at different subjects. Furthermore, culture, dedication to learn and personality dictate each person's ability to learn, what they learn and what they're conditioned to know. And many would argue that individually, men and women's "cultural" roles and differences are merging and that other things such as class and religion are truer revealers of a person's "intelligence".

    Just because women are taught from a young age how to bake a cake, it doesn't make them more intelligent than a man who hasn't been taught. The same goes vice versa for changing a tire.

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    No, i do not believe that men are more intelligent than women.

    I am a man and i have come to accept a few truths about gender differences from personal experience and through my education. When it comes to intelligence, women are far more better at grasping things then men. growing up i would always borrow notes from and study with girls because they are SO organized and neat and so willing to help. there are fields in which women are intrinsically Intelligent in just as there are fields in which MEN are intrinsically Intelligent in. men usually tend to excel in physical tasks, leaving out of coursee things like child birth.

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    Nope & I do believe that after puberty, it has been proven that girls/ women are more intelligent than boys/ men but in the first 10 to 12 yrs males do better. There have been studies done but I don't have the time now to do research.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Women use the intelligence of their heart more than men, and men use the intellect from their minds more, so men aren't more intelligent than women, since the heart's intelligence is more intelligent than the intellect.

  • 1 decade ago

    It has been generally thought that men are more logical while women are more emotional. If intelligence = logic, then maybe you could make that statement (although it wouldn't apply to all men and women, because many women are both logical and emotional, even mostly logical).

  • 4 years ago

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  • Paul
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    We are different. Sometimes We do see things differently, but not less intelligently. Sometimes, different parts of our brains react to outside stimulus - but that is the beauty of our difference. If we spent more time communicating, trying to empathize with the our opposite gender - we just may become more intelligent as a society.

  • 1 decade ago

    no i believe that men and woman are exactly the same when it comes to intelligence. sure some men may be smarter than some woman. but then there are some woman that are way smarter than men. when it comes to intelligence it is all in your genes not your gender.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If the particular women is not much talkative she is really intelligent then men.

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