I always feel that my boyfriend is not wanting to commit to anything long term, as he is waiting for the girl of his dreams to show up. I am with him, he makes me happy, but when we talk about our future, it does not seem to be a topic he wants to talk about or plan for. am I just crazy for wanting more?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well it kinda depends on how long you've been with him to start talking about your future together. It might be crazy [but it might be right!] to know you wanna be with him forever after you just start going out, but its not so crazy to atleast *think* about it if you've been going out for a year. I would say your opinion is right & its a good thing that u can see reality so you know what to expect, even if he does love you if he's acting like that he might not realize how much he needs you till he goes without you for awhile. Or you might just be talking about it before he's ready, but if he stays with you then that says something. He likes being with you. Just go with the flow & see where it goes from there. He might even start talking about it someday.

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    1 decade ago

    break up with him if he's not taking your relationship seriously

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