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I need a reliable SUV for under $5,000?

It needs to have good fuel eco ( 18 - 25 mpg ).

I am looking at getting a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I have heard really good reviews about they're reliability. For those of you who have had experience with this car, what are you reviews?

I know they have quite a few recalls, but besides those.

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    Get a '98 Honda CR-V...... very reliable, gets 30mpg and under $5k. It even has a built-in picnic table in the back. You can also fold down the seats to create a roomy bed to sleep in.

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    - here's a good website to look for real good, affordable and quality vehicles from official government auctions!

    I bought my Honda Accord for just $2250 with a milage of 5,270!

    And it's been already a year I'm riding my car and it's still doing well! I've recommended it to my friends and all of them are enjoying their used cars and have no problem with it!

    P.S: Please use Firefox as I just found out the website is only optimized for Firefox browsers and NOT Microsoft Internet Explorers.

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