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What's The Song...? Please Help!!!?

My friend keeps singing this song (actually texting it to me), but he doesn't know what the name of it is. This is how it goes ----

Tell me you loveeee me (love me)

Tell me you neeeed me (need me)

Does anyone know a song like this? I know its not much description..but thats all I got.

(Oh, and im looking for some new songs to put onto my ipod! can anyone recommend some?)



Ok! Now that i know what the song is ... Tell Me You Love Me By: April Start... (thank you person) can anyone give me a link to where i can hear it? I tried everywhere but i cant seem to find it... HELP!!!

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    i dont know the song

    for your ipod i would recommend britney spears:if you seek amy, taylor swift: love story, white horse, hilary duff: reach out, lindsay lohan: ultimate you, kelly clarkson: my life would suck without you, miley cyrus: the climb


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    April Start - Tell Me You Love Me

  • 1 decade ago

    Tell Me That You Love Me by Nazareth...maybe???

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