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Why is it that anti-secular people who want to blend christianity and the constitution together think that?

-they are more patriotic, bringin america back to its roots, when they are doing exactly the opposite as to what the founding fathers wanted.

-they fought the British to be FREEEE of religious persecution and create a religiously inclusive society.

SO, isnt blending a certain religion with the constitution kind of spitting

on the ideas of our fore fathers and what they fought for?

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    Our founding fathers never intended to have religion stripped away from life. The 1st amendment guarantees you freedom from religious persecution, but does not take away religion in our government. We were a nation of Christians founded for Christians. This is evidenced by the amount of Christian symbols in our country. Even the oath of office is taken on a Bible.

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    If you read the founding fathers papers they never intended for there to not be religion just that the government would not establish a religion like in GB.

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    read ALL of the period constitutional papers of the time. you will find that america was founded on christian principles. because religeons are based on moral principals every nations laws are tied to religeon

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