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Should I Go Out For Cross Country?? Help?

Hey so I have a question. I don't really want to go out for Cross Country this year again. I went out last year which was my freshman year in high school. I did the running camp this year for fun but cross country officially started today and i don't like it. My friend Laura isnt doing it, instead she is doing swim team. I'm not going out for swim because the practices aren't after school and it would be to much driving for my mom. I really want to join tennis because it is so much fun. I love playing with my friends and stuff, but i have never played a match before and my mom said i might not make the team so i guess i'm not going out for tennis this year. I'm going to take a tennis camp next summer and play next year. I like track so much better then cross country so i would still have track in the spring. I really don't want to go out but my mom wants me to. She said just do it this year but i really don't want to. It's so brutal and I always get stressed with Cross Country and homework. What do you think I should do?? I'm so confused. Help??

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    I think you should give cross country a try. It shouldn't be stressful, just concentrate on having fun. You don't need to train hard or race hard if you don't want to.

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    Cross country is a great training sport. Even if you don't take it seriously in a competive way, it can still be fun. As for tennis, it is a great social sport. Maybe you won't make the varsity team but unless you go to a school where it is highly competive, you can still be on the team. Is you aren't an all around great player, you can be on a doubles team and your partner can help you out on the court.

    I played both sports at the same time. I would train for the X-country in the morning and practiced tennis in the afternoon. You may be able to do both, but you need to talk to the coaches of both teams. As for the tennis, if you don't make the team, I am sure the X-Country team would always be able to take you back ... after all this is for your school. It's not like you missed the Olympic Trials!

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