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Does anyone know what "Eel Media" is?

I made an account for Craigslist lastnight, and posted a blog stating basic info about myself and I need job. Next morning (today) I check my email. Amazingly, someone has taken an interest in me. My bf is suspicious, and I'm curious to know what exactly this company does. I'm attending PPCC for Multimedia Graphic Design.

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    You have just told my story, to the day. It is nothing but an information gathering site and then surveys (as they call it) where you click on if you want a product.

    Please do not waste your time.

    Source(s): Craigs's List
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    Same thing happened to me when I posted my resumes on CL. The link to Eel Media was "inactive." The home page had a lot of non-information. It doesn't look like it's worth pursuing.

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    I received the same message and entered my email address and info for Dish Network came back. They send emails to people that post jobs or other services on Craigslist and try to get people to sign up for dish network.

    Source(s): I gave the site my info.
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    I made my craigslist job profile on Aug 2 and I got the same e-mail from eel-media and I deleted it.

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    I just had the same thing happen to me and I got on here to find out who they are also. I'm going to delete it!

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    I just got an email 2 seconds ago after posting information online. Thanks everyone - I'll delete it.

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    Same here, thanks to all of you posting a comment, I will delete............!!!!

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