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How do i make a homemade wireless receiver for 2 speakers?

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    This is not an easy task, even if you have had formal training in

    applied electronics technology. Someone yells that that can be

    done by simply using a boom box. Cute. Very funny. There are

    wireless speaker systems out there, but the better models are

    not cheap. Your best bet would be to get an audio line level

    transmitter, plug it into the pre output of your home multiplex

    receiver, and have the wireless receiver plug into a boom box

    that has an aux. input (or amplifier with speakers). This

    wireless set can be purchased from MCM Electronics. They

    have a web site at and land line

    number, which is: 1-800-543-4330. The stereo wireless unit

    costs $366.68 and the order # is: 555-9050. The mono unit

    costs $195.70 and the order # for this system is: 555-9040.

    I don't know if radio shaft carries a cheap wireless system

    anymore. This is the best advice I can give you. I wish you

    & yours well. Feel free to e-me.

    Source(s): >36 yrs. Electronic Experience.
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    I doubt if it is more cost-effective than buying one.

    You need one transmitter and two receivers. Search if you can find any electronic kits, but it may be cheaper to just buy a new set of wireless speakers.

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