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My girlfriend told me she was going to sleep then I drove by her house and her car was gone?

she went to a baseball game that night with her girl friend and didnt pick up untill after the game at 10pm she said she was going to call from the game


I went over becouse a had a bad gut feeling

Update 2:

I drove over because i was thinking she was lying

Update 3:

she got a text at 1 am last week at my house and didnt let me see her cell phone

Update 4:

because she keeps liying i cant trust her

Update 5:

I talked to her about it and she got very angry

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    She is cheating

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    The only way to answer this question truthfully is by asking yourself can you trust her with your heart. If you give her your love and no other, will you believe that she is doing the same? If the answer is no then you two need to have a talk. Be real with each other but without implicating that she is cheating. Tell her that your not feeling the same way that we used to in the beginning of the relationship and that we are drifting further apart. Ask her about what she is going through and what she is feeling, you never know a break might bring her closer to you more than before!

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    I think that you are blowing this way out of proportion. A girl that goes to a baseball game with her friend isn't going to call you while she's there. When she gets there she is talking to her friend and then during the game she is watching the game and on the way out she is talking to her friend again, she wouldn't remember that you wanted her to call you. When she got the text it was probably an old boyfriend she didn't want you to worry about or a friend telling her a secret, she wouldn't show you anyway if she felt you were being the naggy boyfriend. She's lying because you are too protective and don't give her space. If you drive by her house everynight you are being way too clingy and she wants space and the ability to hang out with her friends without you going berserk. If you don't give her this space, she will break up with you.

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    well u know what u should do u should tell her that u trust her and that u know she would never cheat on u and stuff so u can start out the conversation and say i love u then shed probably say i love u too and then u should say u know i do trust u because i know that u love me and u wouldn't do anything to hurt me and i know that u would never cheat on me. if she is cheating she is gonna feel really bad i do it all the time and it has worked for me my boyfriend stoped whatever he was doing he used to always stare at other girls and now he doesn't and he doesn't watch porno any more and if she isn't well then maybe shes just dealing with someone from her past i know that they could be stockers if they want u back.

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    Have you tried talking to her? Maybe she got distracted at the game and forgot to call you? She probably felt bad if she did.

    About not letting you see her texts…I never let my boyfriend see my texts if they're from female friends. A lot of the time they're super embarrassing and about a hot guy one of them just spotted and I know he'd laugh at me if he saw it.

    Maybe she isn't lying. Why don't you give her the benefit of the doubt and just talk? It could be that this is all a big misunderstanding. Of course you may be right, and she could be cheating on you, but if you approach her openly about it seeking the truth, it'll be a lot better than drawing it out for months and being in pain.

    I hope everything turns out okay for you in the end.

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    Ask her straight on be like:

    " I'm a little worried about what's going on between us. I've been noticing strange things like you wont let me see your phone when you say you have nothing to hide and that you've been lieing to me. All i want to know is if you think this relationship should continue , because I think you may be cheating on that true?"

    P.S. she could be talk to her girl friend about how cute you are or something and she didn't want to show you because its embarrassing to her. Also about the car thing ( with her leaving) maybe shes like made a last minuet decision to go to a party or something ( maybe needed some thing from the store or something ( tampons) and she dosnt want to tell you that.

    Well it up to you how this goes.

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    You can never have a good relationship with someone you can't completely trust and if she is acting that sneaky then leave her because she deserves it! I am sorry and I hope everything works out for you! If she is cheating on you then just know that there's another girl out there for you and she would never think about cheating on you.

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    yeah something is going on...i can tell you that from personal experience....

    she is probably seeing someone else...i never knew guys had the gut feeling!!! i got that gut feeling with my ex and i finally found the evidence...he was messing around wth a couple girls! i was shocked but my gut told me and i tried to act on it but he denied everything til he finally got caught!

    trust that feeling its there for a reason....

    my bf and i even share phones because we are not hiding anything!!!

    simply just break it off with her...lies are never good!

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    its time to move on...

    when a relationship is about lieing the trust is gone and i dont think you want to put up with that all the time so just find someone you can trust and that will tell you the truth i just hate people like that the more you lie the more you end up bad just get rid of her.... goodluck!!

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    The fact that you can not trust her and have to drive by her house only to discover that your gut feeling was right says it all. Walk away...she already has.

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    Dude, cool down, don't freak out, you're the better person, act like it. Make wise decision's, nothing irrational. No late night drive-bys or creepy phone calls. Call her out and if she can't give a straight answer forget about her.

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