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Tell if someones lying?

I want to learn if someone is lying. If anyone can recommend books or websites. Or better yet tell me some tips please.

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    I believe that when someone becomes upset and starts getting angry that is a sign. I also remember if someone looks to one side, I thought it was the right, that is a sign of lying. In my psych class they also said if the eyes dilate they are lying... hope this helps.

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    One quick tip is if you ask them a question and they look down and to the left, then they're lying. At least that's what I've heard. I've seen it before, but never gotten anyone to admit it.

    And yes if their eyes dilate that is a sign too.

    Take care.

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    First of all USE YOUR JUDGMENT...Do not tell that person.."Hey, I feel you are lying,....cuz that would make them go away for good."...because maybe THAT IS THE WAY THE PERSON perceives it. That is just how the person TOOK see??

    If someone told me..."I was a lier and i am not...i would just say.."No, i am not...and never have anything to do with that person." see???

    Source(s): have to take a stand on something or your will fall for anything.
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    Basically they'll just become nervous. They may sweat more, may play with their hands, may go very rigid, may touch their nose or shake their head if they've agreed to something, and have defensive body language (arms/legs crossed) Just think how you are when you lie!

    This site might help more than me.

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    It has been proven that when people are lying they look to their right. Here is a link

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