why when I sign out of yahoo. then someone else trys to sign in my names comes back up?

and the Keep me signed in box in not checked

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  • 1 decade ago
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    At the top of YM click the Messenger Menu. Choose Sign Out (not Sign Out and Close). Now you will see the Sign In window for Yahoo Messenger. Uncheck the boxes "Remember my ID & Password," and "Sign in automatically." Important: Now you will have to sign in with your name and password to set these changes or they will not be remembered. I also recommend go to the Messenger Menu and Preferences, General Category and uncheck the first box that would make Yahoo Messenger launch every time you turn on your computer. Click OK. Now you just click the Yahoo Messenger icon on your desktop to launch Yahoo Messenger and then type in your Yahoo ID and password. These are the settings needed for a shared computer to protect your privacy.

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