Very curious about earthquakes.....does anyone know?

ok, so California has been having quite a few earthquakes lately....I have heard that frequent small earthquakes are good because it take off pressure......BUT I have also heard that these frequent earthquakes indicate the coming of a very BIG one....does anyone know which is true if any??

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    both are true, depends on the situation

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    During this last week California has had over 500 earthquakes. Of these only two were large enough to feel - and even those would be a bit of a rattle and that's all. This is very normal for the state.

    A large earthquake (6 or above) delivers many thousands of times as much energy as a 2 magnitude. This means a fault would have to have many thousands of 2 magnitude earthquakes to relieve enough strain to prevent a large quake. That's just not happening. Also, while small quakes may be relieving pressure *here*, they might well be adding more pressure *there*. It's a very complex system.

    Any earthquake of any size might be a warning of a larger one coming. These are known as "foreshocks". We just don't know how to tell if any single quake is a foreshock or not. Different areas seem to behave differently. California, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to get many foreshock earthquakes. In contrast, China does. Go figure!

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    You can take it on either way. Because I have sensed very feeble earthquake on 5th april 2005.Nothing happened after wards.But on 24th July 2005 I sensed same type of feeble earthquake waves. After 6 hours a major earthquake of 7.3 in Richter scale recorded from a distance of about 1400 K/M from our place. Nothing is perfectly predictable.Be ready to move to a safer place always if you are living in seismic zone 4 or 5.

    Source(s): My research work.
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    it may be true but sometimes they do predict one that can split the nation well that's what i heard

    Source(s): neighbor hood
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