Is human behavior part of biology?

I have to come up with an idea for a biology experiment that I have to perform later in the year, so I need to work with subjects that are readily available to me. At first, I was thinking something to do with plants, then maybe mosquitos, but I'm really interested in psychology stuff, and I was thinking of doing an experiment on human body language or something. Since humans are animals technically, and the study of animal behavior falls under biology, I was wondering if this was an acceptable subject to do for biology....yes, or no? Thanks in advance! :)

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    Some egocentric biologists would consider psychology a branch of biology, since psychology deals with living things. There are areas of psychology that are more closely related to biology than others, like physiological psychology. This discipline not only deals with behavior,but also the physiological changes that are related to the behavior. Some colleges offer a major in Psychobiology ; studying the biological basis for behaviors. There are many areas of behavior that are best explained by the field of psychology only. You mention body language. Are you prepared to discuss the biological (anatomical & physiological) aspects of this behavior ? If not, then it's only psychology and not biology. I may suggest that you do something with reflexes. These are innate behaviors that involve various nervous pathways.

    I recall an experiment where "trained" planaria (a flatworm) were ground up and fed to other non-trained planaria. The non-trained planaria exhibited the same behavior as the less fortunate trained

    worms. This would involve both biology and psychology.

    If you still want to do body language, submit it to you teacher for acceptance. He/she may let you get away with it :) (personally , I wouldn't)

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    Not really. Human behavior is a very small part of Biology. Well, as a whole, yes you could say it is. But Biology has different and several branches. And those divisions have some more divisions. You see, it's a little complicated. You need to study neurology and stuff like that to get deeper into learning human behavior, neurology being one of the branches of biology, so you could say human behaviour is a part of biology, but I would suggest you choose another topic. That is a little more precise.

    Hope this helped.

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    Human Behavior have parts. some are in Social Science, Biology, Psychology.!! Psychology is far better and more interesting than other subjects !!!!! Take Psychology blindly!!

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    Yes, biology and psychology share some territory. Discuss this idea with your instructor.

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    Do a test on the human reaction to different smells or tastes like chocolate or coffee.

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    yes its part of that

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