What should i expect when meeting my Filipino parents?

My gf is Filipino and i'm hopefully going to meet her parents soon. What are the do's and donts. What should i expect from them and anything else i failed to mention.

O and if it means anything i'm Mexican


Damn i messed up on the title

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    dress like you have money, let them know you have goals, and bring some food over. They dig that ****. Actually, each of the next ten times you come over, bring something with you. Nice bottle of wine, chinese food, baked goods, BBQ.

    Sharing things and looking out for each other is big in the Filipino culture. You need to let them know that you want to be part of the family and are down for their daughter. Do not get on their bad side, it won't be pretty. They are going to be sizing you up, and everyone will be talking about you and whether or not you are worthy of your gf within a couple hours. And by everyone, I mean extended family grandma, grandpa, aunties...and people in the Phillipines.

    To sum it up...make an incredible first impression. Don't appear to look like a douche, or your days will be numbered. Filipina girls really listen to what their friends and family say and think, FYI. They typically don't like Mexicans dating their daughters either....I think its the whole lazy, getting chicks pregnant, stigma. Filipina girls are rad, they are ****** horny and laid back.

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    Asian parents are big on the respect thing, and having a plan for the future. Above everything else, act venerably towards them and show that you have the capability of supporting their daughter (law student, med student, things like that)

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    4 years ago

    If you were my guy I'd probaly take you to like a filipino restaurant to taste our culture's food, it's really good! Just be nice to the old folks, and like be well mannered and show them that you really like the daughter. but I think your gf will like it if you just be yourself because I'm pretty sure she knows you are nervous enough trying to make a good impression. just relax. and be positive and have fun!

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    do talk but dont talk so much about yourself. unless they ask

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