Why are some people so paranoid????????????

I grew up in the lily-white suburbs. I am white. I went to a mostly-white school. The first time I entered a voting booth, I voted for Jesse Jackson for President. Some of my ex-girlfriends are black. My ex-wife is black. My last three roommates are black.

An African-American "Lady" came to the car dealership where I work. I was waiting for the cashier to process her check and take the completed paperwork to my department. She made it clear that I did not have to stand there and wait for her, because she WOULD PAY FOR THEM! She thought I was standing guard until she paid. Later she complained to the service advisor that I was a racist. I was only waiting for my paperwork. What in God's name did I do wrong?


Should I get her phone number from our computer system and see if she wants to have a beer at the White House?

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    Because they enjoy playing the racial "victim" so much it has become their lifestyle.

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    My friend had a similar situation: She brought balloons to a white child's table for his birthday. The table next to that one was a black lady with her young child. She ended up throwing a huge fit because balloons weren't brought to her table, although she never once said it was her son's b-day .. didn't even have a cake for him, nothing. Claimed my friend was racist because the first child was white. The assumption made my usually tough-as-nails friend break down.


    Sometimes people end up thinking every white person has something in the back of their minds (or in the front ;-)) against a person of minority. Which is itself racism. And since people like this seldom see their own thoughts as racist, it becomes bigotry.

    Everybody has different experiences, and perhaps people who act out in this way have just seen/experienced excessive racism.

    But no matter the race, people focus on the negative -- negative experiences are sometimes more powerful than positive ones, and after a while, you'll just naturally ignore the positives.

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    You did nothing wrong, you followed procedure, and I'm sure your bosses realize that. If they bring it up, your conscience is free.

    This isn't so much a case of racism as paranoia and emotional distraughtness, whatever the word is. She must be going through an F the world kind of attitude, expecting the worst from people. If you ran into her in another setting, you'd be inclined to dig into her head and figure out when and how she got screwed up.

    But let's face it, you can meet a Mexican girl who'd act the same way (don't hate, I didn't start the stereotype, and if George Lopez embraces it, so will I) or Native, or Asian, and each would have a different reason to assume it's a race issue.

    That's why the fight against racism is not only unreasonable, it's impossible to carry out. When the society will realize it, I don't know.

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    Some people are just looking for an excuse to play the "race" card. They're the racist ones. No amount of explaining will ever change their minds.

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    A black man once told me "It's not racism, it's blackism. Black people are just bitchy"

    I am mixed race and that kind of stuff never crosses my mind.

    Edit: I mean that I'm left out or watched or whatever just because I'm not all white.

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    you don't have to give a back ground check on all the black people you know, i think its stupid when people are always like, "well my best friend is black" either your racist or your not. i believe your not, and that she was, there will always be racism in this world as long as theres people, which is stupid its the 21st century people need to grow up.

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    You need to tell yourself that she is going to be that way for the rest of her life. You dealt with her ONCE.

    She has to live with herself "forever". Consider yourself lucky dude.

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