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What do you think on the enV Touch?

Do you have to pay extra for the apps, web-browsing, etc?

The touch screen, good or bad?

like or dislike, the works

Thanks :)

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    -yes you have to pay extra for the apps, and web browsing

    -the touch screen is pretty nice, its easy to use

    i like it, i just got it like a week ago, its a cool phone and its nice to be able to switch from the touch screen to the keyboard, i guess the only bad thing is the battery life, but i text all day non stop.and the battery isnt that bad i guess, just dies easier than im used to.overall its a good phone for the price.

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    Go to phonescoop web site and look up the phone.Click the review tab t read the pros/cons on the phone & full reviews. You do have to pay to download apps from Verizon.

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