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what are the chances im pregnant?

me and my ex boyfriend had sex 3 weeks and 5 days ago (when we were still together) we didn't use n e protection Only the withdrawal method,but we always used that method n i never got pregnant but this time i skipped my period, what are the chances im pregnant?

oh yeah we had sex the last day of my period so idk if that makes a difference

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    No one is going to be able to figure out what the chances are of you being pregnant. You need to take a pregnancy test to really know. Remember now to do it too early though, or else the response may not be correct and accurate. Good luck! =)

  • Yes ma'am when you have sex close to your period you are most likely to get pregnant.

    However, there is always a chance to get pregnant when having sex, I would tell you to take a test by now, it should give you an accurate result.

    Be careful next time and be more responsible! withdrawal method doesnt work!

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    You actually have a high chance you could be pregnant.. because the pull out method.

    Its rare that you get pregnant on your period but it could still happen.

    I recommend taking a at home test and going from there.

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    Alrighty well you can get pregnant at any time, doesn't really matter about your period.

    The "pull out" method doesn't always work because of pre-*** or if any got around you, you could still be pregnant.

    The only way to know [and I know this is probably annoying as hell ot hear it over and over again] is if you take a test.


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  • the chances could be big.

    just take a test.

    whenever you're period is more than a week late.

    & they also have pregnancy tests that you can taken the first day of your missed period.

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    welll to bad. just go to the free clinic to check if you're pregnant or not. try to get free wic and food stamps/

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    A pretty big one. They can pre-***. Everyone knows that.

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