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What can i eat thats healthy?

im trying to be healthy, but i recently read tht the stuff that i always thot was healthy, isn't anymore cuz of all the preservatives and what not. the stuff im talking about are all those 100 calorie snacks and meals that you warm up. if i can't eat that, what CAN i eat?? i mean besides fruits and veggies cuz i cnt eat those 24/7. thanks!!

another question- what if i DID eat only fruits and veggies? would that be good or bad for my body? thanks!!

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    1 decade ago

    these are some good healthy things you can eat:

    -kashi products (cereal, granola bars, etc)


    -whole grains (whole grain bread, pasta, cereal)\

    -amy's soups


    -low fat cheese

    -organic low-fat yogurt

    -fruits & veggies

    -organic lean meat/poultry


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