How good is Windows 7 compared to XP and Vista?

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  • Will
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    1 decade ago
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    Windows 7 is a simpler version of Vista. There really is nothing wrong with Vista, people just love to complain about the newest thing and not take the time to learn it. Just get Windows XP Professional and be happy, simple interface, no pop up messages asking you if you are ok with the software being installed.


  • 1 decade ago

    Windows 7 is still in the beta-phase last time I checked. But I imagine it will have a few less problems than Vista when it comes out, but give it a couple months and it will improve. Windows XP Pro is, in my opinion, the best operating system thus far. As long as Windows 7 is given time to correct its mistakes, it should be ok. So if your interested in Windows 7, get it and help fix it, or wait a year, and get it fixed (mostly).

  • 1 decade ago

    XP is great but no longer supported.

    Vista is nice but people hate it.

    Win7=Vista on steroids. MicroSoft fixed what people hated in Vista. 7 is nice and... extremely expensive.

    XP is old and good for gaming. However MicroSoft wants more money so do not expect new versions of DirectX on XP, thus XP would not be suitable for newest hardware that support DX10.

    If you are thinking about using your PC for gaming - go with Windows7. Otherwise use ubuntu linux.

  • dehmer
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    4 years ago

    Having owned (and used) XP/Vista/7 i will permit you be attentive to one element. in case you have a slower or older laptop, persist with XP. in case you have a varied middle laptop with a respectable clock velocity (say, larger than 2.2 Ghz, 2.0 at minimum) you are going to adore 7. 7 makes use of all your cores so which you get a extra useful overall performance that Vista ever ought to. i've got been employing 7 for a on a similar time as and it has outdone Vista above and previous. The compatibility themes are not from now on a concern, it would not hog device components, and it works relatively nicely pondering maximum courses that have been like minded with XP are nevertheless like minded with 7. Older structures are meant to run older OSes, authentic, you're able to run them, yet in many situations desktops tend to run extra effectively with the OS that develop into designed to run on them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I do not agree with above guys saying peoples are just afraid of learning new things.I strongly believe if something has really nice features it will

    definitely get popular among peoples.

    Well,there was sorta attributes in Vista which were despising.There were many freedoms available with XP which Vista unfortunately lacked,though

    Vista has secured approach to how do we do computing.So there were

    pros and cons associated to it..its big debatable topic..

    Windows 7 has came to overcome those shortfalls in Vista,after all

    improvements is what keeps us progressing.

    For better understanding will suggest you to go through list of features

    which are projected by microsoft.

    compare to the editions

    Hope this resolves your issues


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