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can you listen to your iPod,Mp3 player etc while your having a procedure at the dentist?

would they let you listen to it?

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    its different at each place, so you would have to ask them.

    but most likely you could.

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    My dad is a dentist & he lets his patients listen to ipods/Mp3/etc. He even provided a virtual movie headset if someone wanted to watch a movie while he worked on them. He just did root canals though which are 2 hour procedures. They probably wouldn't want you to have them for a cleaning or exam.

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    I truthfully have complete it earlier. I used to do it each and every evening and it does not relatively effect you until you pay interest to it too loud. a pair of mornings I wakened and my ears harm from the ear buds yet that is going away. standard i think of of you have not have been given some thing to be irritating approximately. in basic terms use the recommended quantity levels on your MP3 participant.

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    No, because they want to tell you what is going on, and they want to tell you about your teeth, gums, etc. And my uncle is a dentist and he has patients that go in to his office with iPods and he tells them no. Some of the dentists I've been to won't let you. I've tried.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Once, when I was like 14, I asked, and they said sure.

    It took away a LOT of the pain.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im sure they will let you listen to it, however, if your in your 20 or older it could be considered rude :P

    hope this helps,


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    im sure that isnt a problem, just dont have it too loud so u can hear them if they ask u a question

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    I wish!

    maybe, I hope so =]

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