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something about my name?

well people always have these cute things with their names. like, if its cantey, canteylope. clayton, calyterbug. um, zadie, darth zader. what can i do with my name? becca. and my friend is wondering the same thing. her name is melissa. any ideas?

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    Becca- Becksie, Beccaroo, Beccalloon

    Melissa- Melly, Melissy, Mellisserbee

    just a few that i can think of

    Source(s): My nickname off of my name (lilith) Lilly, or Lil
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    Melissa= Melodiy

    Yours is very hard. Becca= Beyonce (i dont know XD)

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    Gee, Becca, probably from Rebecca, is about as cute a name as you can get. I love it.

    Depending on the image your friend wishes to project (i.e. tomboy, cutie or hottie) she might choose; Mel, Mellie or Lisa.

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    Well there's liek Bex, Beckster and stuff. And Melissa could be like Lissy or something.

    I can't really think of anything as imaginative as 'darth zader' though, sorry :D

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