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can anybody please tell me how to stop frizzy hair?

my hair is sometimes frizzy. how do I stop put an end to it and try to make it look shiny?

I try lotion and even gel.

Any other tips? Thanks.

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    my hair used to be VERY frizzy but i've found that washing my hair every other day has really helped! washing hair every single day is really unnecessary because it strips your scalp of its natural oils. your hair may seem a bit icky the first few times but it gets better.

    if you are still getting some frizzies, i recommend using Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioning cream on damp hair after you shower. good luck!

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    i use biosilk silk therapy - just a drop or 2 in my palms and i run it through towel dried hair. it helps a little bit but any sort of product like that is best to de-frizz

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