I don't know what to think!? Help!?

So I went out with a kid back in January. He's a year older than me. I just turned 15. I really really liked him but we broke up. 8 months passed and we became best friends. The first time we went out all we did was make out. The other day his friend from virginia was coming down & he told me all of these things he had said to him, about how he regretted our brake up and really liked me and all of this stuff. Well we all went to the mall like 4 days ago & he FINALLY told me his feelings. He didn't ask me out, but I cried when he told me because of the such strong feelings I had been keeping to myself. Well 3 nights ago Him , his friend from Virginia, & my friend came over. We went in the pool. We were hooking up in the corner for an extremely long time and within that time he took off my shorts and shirt. So i was in my bra and underwear. He fingered me... We all decided to go skinny dipping now because it had gotten dark. Well then i got fingered again and gave him a hand job. Then the next day we weren't able to see each other.. But they came over again yesterday. We were at the pool during the day then we all came to my house. We went in my bathroom and i got fingered on the floor in there. Then under the covers of my bed and there i gave him another hand job & then we went in my walk in closet and i got fingered. Cause there were other people in my room btw. & Then after we were just kinda laying together and I was really tired, and he was like "baby are you okay?" for like the 983274 time that day, and i was like "yea, I'm fine!" And so he was like "you know i just want you to be happy.." and he meant it. He looked into my eyes and looked like he was like about to cry. He also mentioned if i thought we were moving to fast to just tell him. Then when he left, well he had somewhat asked for a ******** the day before but i said no :/ . So I texted him saying "I'm sorry i didn't give you want you wanted baby" and he said "Baby i was joking :) i dont care what we do!! as long as its with you<3" & He never sends hearts because he thinks they're gayy haha. Keep in mind we're still NOT dating... But while we were in the pool he was like I promise i'm going to ask you out i'm just waiting for the right time. So after all of this happened last night. I woke up and had to pee. I had like mucusy looking blood in my underwear... It's not my period because I don't get it this time of the month. And it wasn't enough and didn't look like it. I have 2 problems here. I think we ARE moving to fast, but I don't mind it, honestly :/ I just wouldn't want to go past where we're at now. & Then also ANY idea what's with the bloood?!?

Please help me :/

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    well, first of, AWWW! that is realy sweet, and sexxxy.

    and about the blood, its probably just discharge. i get that all the time.

    and maybe, you partially broke your hymen. that is possible.

    well, i wish you luck with your boytoy, and if anyone here messes with you, tell em' to step off (:

    have fun boo, just be safe!

    xx cammie

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    See your GP anyway as your going to need a birth control method and get a Obgyn now as your having sex and will need some pretty regular check ups, ask to be referred to a woman if you feel more comfortable. You may only be 15yrs old, but you still have the rights and privaledges to privacy, and you will get it.

    Do not and i quote, do not leave it up to the guys, especially since you seem to have so little control. If your going to play like a big girl then learn to protect yourself, your life and your parents, by " NOT" ending up pregnant.

    Now my friend, have you listened to your own words? Another " follow your heart...no brains neccessary.

    First off, there's only a few reasons one must wait for the "right time", because he has someone else at the moment, because " talk is worse than cheap...it's free" and you know how we treat, or think of anything that's free, we use abuse, and discard it without a thought.

    So tell me, how long was he aware of his friends visit planned? Why did it take him 8 months to figure out he liked you? As a best friend he couldn't talk to you? And as a best friend you couldn't tell he felt that way? I will bet he asked you to find a girl for his friend?

    As for the right time to ask you, that should have happened before the sex, so you have been used big time, go ahead call him up and ask him out, don't put out until he pops the question, what you'll find is he never had any intention of doing so. You have also put your rep on the line, especially if you go to the same school, boys locker rms are notorius for bragging.

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    You sound easy, and foolish. Regardless of what these other 15 yr olds are saying. Where are your parents? How are you getting away with all this..How many times did you get fingered? that's rediculous, and that is also why you are bleeding. You might as well just have given him what he wanted since you already let him feel you up and gave him a hand job..

    You must have really low self esteem to let a guy use you like this when you aren't even boy friend/ girl friend...Have some self respect, and stop acting this way...

    BTW, he doesn't like you. He is only using you, expirimenting with you, etc. How vulnerable girls are at your age *sigh*

    Source(s): I speak from personal experience, but girl, you have no idea how bad you make yourself look.
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    Well 1st lets get the period stuff out of the way. In my relationships ver the years periods usually come early and sometimes come out that way its nothing rly to worry about.

    As for your BF?????

    Um.....well I think you should not be fingering and giving him a handjob if you guys are not even dating.

    I think that when you guys start dating and spending more time together you can get more into it.

    Because I myself don't want you to be getting hurt again....

    You never know how guys in this world are these days coming back because he wants something...

    But if you feel his feelings and you feel the <3 etc then I think it's cool.

    If you enjoy it alot etc then give it a go somemore!

    I hope this is what your looking for. Best of luck!

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    Well first of all, you're 15 and if all you're doing is making out and such, you are not in love. You're just a dumb teenager with raging hormones.

    Just stay friends. And yes, sounds like you're moving too fast. I'm not going to lie, I'm 18 me and my high school friends laughed at people who did things like you're doing.

    You want a real relationship? Hangout-don't makeout. If you really do LOVE eachother then you'd be more interested in just being around eachother and talking than being sexual. Here's what I wrote on my facebook.

    So here's the metaphor:

    Instead of getting as close to the fire as possible without getting burned, stay as far away as you can but still stay warm.

    Seriously, think about it.

    Teens these days seem to be really into their relationships. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. A relationship is something to be taken seriously but I'm talking about taking things too far..physically. A lot of people tend to push their limits, going as far as they can without actually crossing that thin line between what's considered modest and not.


    You don't have to be physical with someone to let them know you love them. If they love you too, they'll respect that.

    Don't give in and cross that fine line. Be encouraged to stay far from the fire, but still stay warm.

    "Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts," Romans 6:12

    For now, I would just stay friends with the guy and set your boundaries. Sounds like he's using you if anything.

    I'm 18 and have a boyfriend of 9 months. I didn't date until I was a junior in highschool. Me and my boyfriend haven't even kissed yet but I am actually in love with him. You on the other hand are just stuck in lust.

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    wow thats a lot on your plate

    wells sometimes since you're only 15, your periods can be irregular, so that mucusy looking blood could be a sign that your period may start within the next week or two or it could simply be discharge

    as to the whole guy problem, I think you guys are moving pretty fast, but if you are okay with that, then I think its fine

    hope it helped (:

    Source(s): if you wanna talk some more, email me mytanaka@sbcglobal.net
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    You should really think about what your doing.

    It sounds like he popped your cherry!

    That means your not a virgin.

    You shouldn't put all your trust in his hands

    because you still don't know his full intentions because it sounds as if he is more interested in you physically rather then emotionally.

    Tell him to take it slow

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    if hes really that into you, then you should be able to tell him the pace you wanna go at and he should listen and accept it. he shouldn't mind taking things slower if you just sit and talk to him. and i would go to your doctor or if you have a local clinic go there where they are usually 100% confidential. but make sure you get it checked out just in case.

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    haha wow thats a lot of info.but he likes you a lot and you like him so it sounds like u guys should be bf and gf b4 you go any farther and with the blood...maybe its because you got fingerd so many times well good luck i wish u the best!

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    well to be honest i dont thnk you are moving fast that is nothing, and its probably just a light early period? it cant be anything else?

    but inform your gp if you have anymore problems babe:)x

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