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I dropped my iPod touch, do you think it's ok?

I dropped it straight down on the side with the power button.


I was walking with it in my hand and dropped it from approx 3.5 feet on a hardwood floor, do u think it's ok? When I type some of the letters don't pop up, but they work. They don't make clicky sounds either.

Update 2:

And it's wayyy slower

Update 3:

wait y am I screwed if it's a 2nd generation?

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    if i were you i would take it to the Apple Genius Bar (it is a free consultation) if they say it has something wrong with it you can decide if you want to pay to have it repaired or not.

    if the touch screen works, there is no cracked screen, no huge dents, music works you can still get on the internet and download apps then i am sure it will be fine.

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    You need to make sure all of the following still work:

    - Touch screen (make sure you try a game where you can touch everywhere on the screen to make sure it works all over)

    - All the buttons (volume up/down and the home button)

    - The internal speaker

    - The headphone jack

    If those all work, then it's OK.

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    i have dropped my ipod touch down the stairs. a few dents but works perfect. but that was a 1st generation. it was a 2nd generation your screwed

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