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Does he like me or not?? please help!!?

So i am 24 years old and he is 29, we met through a friend. At first we just text and talked on the phone then we decided to go out on a date, so we went for dinner and for drinks and just talked on our first date. On our second date we went to dinner and a movie then talked for a couple hours and then we went back to his place. All we did was cuddle and kiss that was it. I text him yesterday because he told me to but he didnt seem like he wanted to talk because usually he will text me for a couple hours but he only text me twice and that was it. Although he was busy that day for about 8 hours. He hasnt text me today or called and i dont want to be needy so im goin to wait to hear from him since i text him yesterday. Do you think he likes me or not really??

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    Of course he likes you. Why would he talk to you instead of his guy friends who he probably has more in common with? The only reason he would talk to you was if he were attracted to you. And since he constantly talks to you clearly that's a good indication. Hang out with him more to show you're interested. As for him not talking to you recently maybe he's just really busy or maybe something's going on in his life that's making him upset. Asking him what's wrong.

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    I think he does like you, is just that he's not going to be texting you and talking to you every single day. He needs his space too, i think you should understand that and respect him, also if he does not text or call you back then don't call him or text him any more, wait for him to do so because if he really wanted to call you or text you he would just do it.

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    My remark that you're studying proper now could be not to deliver you an reply, however to inform you that you are foolish for typing alllllllllllllllllllll of that and anticipating anyone to inform you "No" or "perhaps". Of path he likes you you probably have all the ones motives. you will have to've simply typed "He's regularly flirty". Flirty probably manner an individual has a overwhelm at the different man or woman. Holly ****

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