My boyfriend and I are breaking up and in a special circumstance. Help please!?

I have been living in another country for a year. 2 months after I got here, I started dating a guy in this country. We fell in love and have had an amazing time. Throughout most of this relationship, we thought we were going to marry each other, and thought we had found the one.

However, over time we have come to see that we are not compatible on almost all levels long-term. I am going home in a month and we have both seen in the past 2 months that our relationship is going nowhere. We have slowly tried breaking up, and both know that I am going home and its going to be over.

We have started distancing ourselves from each other, but it hurts so much. He comes over and we don't have anything to do together, nothing to say, sex is emotionally painful, everything sucks! Except it sucks even more without him.

Since I have been here the whole year with him, pretty much my whole life has been with him, and spending the last month here wihtout him is too depressing to think of. But we have come to hate each other because we have to spend time together and its painful. We get in fights every single time we see each other and I end up writing him text messages saying that i hate him, and i dont!

i know its wrong of me, but neither of us know how to deal with the situation. were both going crazy. but it makes me more crazy not to see him.

any help? thnks

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    .That is something that the 2 of you need to work on and come to a mutual agreement

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