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Would letting my stepdaughter "take me" to get my ears pierced make for a good bonding exercise?

My stepdaughter (technically stepdaughter to be, I don't get married until November) has been trying to talk me into getting my ears pierced for some time. I wasn't allowed to get them done when I wanted them done as a child, and by the time I reached adulthood having earrings was no longer important to me, so at 24 my ears are still hole-free.

Kelly, on the other hand, got hers done over 2 years ago, for her 5th birthday, before I even started dating her Daddy, and she really seems to think that me having a single pair of clipons that I virtually never wear means I'm missing out on something really nice.

I'm thinking about feeding her a little white lie, telling her I was looking for some nice earrings that would look good with my wedding dress, but the shop only had rubbish clip-ons, then when she [again] suggests I pierce them, tell her to keep it secret but I'm a wuss, I never got them pierced cos I'm too scared, then ask her if she would hold my hand while they do them.

I'm not really bothered either way about whether I get the holes, it just seems a great idea for a "girly bonding exercise".

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    Yes, I think that would be a great idea, and would make her feel included in what's going on (the wedding planning, etc.)

    I got my ears pierced at the same time as my aunt, when I was 14 and she was probably in her 40's or maybe older. She suggested it - had always wanted to do it but is really scared of blood, needles, etc. It was pretty cool and something I will always remember.

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    Having Kelly "take you" to get your ears pierced would be a great bonding experience for both of you. Let her help choose your piercing studs and then ask her to hold your hand to comfort you while your ears are being pierced. As soon as your ears are pierced thank her for helping you work up the courage to have them done and holding your hand for support. Then you might buy her a nice pair of earrings to celebrate the occasion and perhaps have lunch or a snack at her favorite restaurant.

  • I think it would be a great bonding experience! And to be honest, I've had my ears pierced twice and it didn't hurt either time. Just keep them clean. You should go for it and it would look beautiful if you had some diamond earrings to wear with your wedding dress! Have fun! Live a little!

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    This is really sweet. It sounds like you'll be a great stepmother!

    The holes aren't necessarily permanent as they heal fast, and it doesn't hurt too much, so it could be a good bonding experience. Besides, you could get a really nice pair of new earrings too!

    Congratulations on the wedding.

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    I would get them done. This would be a GREAT bonding exsperience for you 2. I think this will help alot because its going to be really hard to start a great bond with her because your only a step "mom". And do not tell a lie. Oh yeah that lie i didn't really get either. Please exsplain. Anyways i wwould get them done. It doesnt really hurt or anything. And its not like you HAVE to wear earring 24/7!!

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    I think that is a great idea and having her go looking for the perfect pair of earrings for your wedding is such a fun thing to do together. My three daughters, and I did that. I ended up with 3 pairs of piercings lol.

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    go for it

    pick out a few sets that you like and let her pick the earrings out of those

    good bonding experiences is anything that you do just the 2 of you whether it be shopping or just going out to dinner or lunch

    I suggest also letting her pick out a new pair of earrings for herself for the wedding

    make a day of it

    get some lunch and do some shopping to

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    i think that would be a great idea, and a great way to bond with her. Maybe you could make it a whole bonding day maybe a little shopping and some lunch good luck and don't be scared it don't hurt a little pinch that's all.

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    Of course it would be a perfect bonding exercise. She would love for you to do something that she suggested to you. After wards you both can go out to lunch or something. Talk to her so you can get to know her better. And don't worry...It doesn't hurt while their piercing them. You feel the pain after-wards.

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    I think that's a lovely idea. I imagine your husband to be would really appreciate it too. Make a day of it as someone else suggested and you can get her to help clean them and what not in the evenings. Hope it all goes well!

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