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want opinions on the r6, cbr600, gsxr600-750, yzf 750, zx600, and sv 650?

i want a first bike. im 15, 6'1 and 165lbs but i have road many dirtbikes including 450s and 250fs and i have rode two sportbikes so far including a 2003 cbr 600rr and honda rc51, but i would like to get opinions on all 600s and some 750s. thanks


im not really a beginner being on a 600rr and rc51, but i need some facts and things that would be good for my size.

Update 2:

about the forth guy, ive probably got 2x more experience than youve got in your whole life, but the other answers i do appreciate. dude ive been riding since i was one being on not just those two bikes but one many cruisers two and many 450 and 250 dirtbikes. so dont hand me that im innexperienced bull

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    For a beginner with skills & experience, I'd say the CBR or Ninja would be the way to go. Both great reliable bikes.

    The R6 is the closest to an actual race bike as you can get. Not too comfy and is notoriously high strung. They have done some work to the 08 and 09 to deal with that but it's still not best for a beginner with limited or no experience.

    Beginner with no experience I'd say play it safe and go with the FZ6R.

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    your best bet with your LIMITED exp, would be a SV650 (I prefer the faired version over the naked)... or a hyosung GT650R. both of these bikes are tame enough to allow you build up your skill but they still do 140+MPH (I know I own one)

    a CBR RR or even the F4i is too much for a Newbe. (trust me I also own a CBR and it almost put me on my A$$ even after two years riding the gt650R) A R6 or A Gsx-R 600-750 shouldnt even be in the selection right now because one your 15 which means your still 2 immature to respect the power these bikes make. and 2, your going to wad it up on the streets ( I know your saying you wont but you will)

    Start slow a full blown sports bike has a sharp learning curve you need to get the basics down first (I bet you dont even know what counter steering is.)

    Source(s): Ive been riding sport bikes for 3 yrs.
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    RC51 as your first bike? Jesus...

    Just because you swung a leg over a couple sport bikes doesn't mean they're good bikes to start off with. Go with the SV 650 to earn your street riding skills, THEN go for the RC51.

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    personally i'm a fan of the 600rr...nothing compares to honda's reliability...period...

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