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Oboe Question. Please Help?

Can I play my oboe when using piano sheet music? I know there is flute sheet music that will match my range, but I have a ton of piano sheet music. My dad is on his way home with two new reeds, so I need an answer ASAP.

Also, if you can, can you find sheet music for oboe by artists like Michael Jackson (That's a huge one right there. I have been searching for oboe sheet music for MJ forever.) or Cinema Bizarre, or Lady Gaga that would be awesome. I also need to be able to print the whole song.

Thanx a TON!

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    You can play the melody line of the piano sheet music. Since piano and oboe are both C instruments it will sound OK. You might be able to find some books that have popular artists in them, but I wouldnt hold your breath. It might be easier just to get the piano music for it, and then play off the melody line. You can check they have pretty much any kind of sheet music you could want!

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    you obviously won't be able to play more than one note at a time, but oboes can play flute and piano music, we're all in the key of c

    Source(s): oboe player 6+ years
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