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male pattern baldness and genetics question?

every guy in my family(moms and dads side) have had male pattern baldness but havent been experiencing it until their 40s. does this mean that i wont be experiencing mpb until that age as well

allso will i experience early or premature male pattern baldness eventhough no one in my family has experienced mpb at an early age?

in short, does the rate and age at which someone balds the same as the rate and age at which other men in their family started to bald.


also, will using nizoral and nioxin shampoo slow down or stop the male pattern baldness process

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    How old are you?

    Really, it'll be pretty obvious...if you've got the "widow's peak" going on, you'll start losing your hair eventually.

    My dad is bald, I had the widow's peak before I was 18, by 26 the hair on top was pretty much gone. sigh.

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    I'd recommend Viagra....

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