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Question about Visa for Spain via Washington DC consulate?

I applied for my Visa for Spain July 16 at the Washington DC Spanish Consulate's office. I have my flight for Spain August 13, and I still do not have my Visa. I have called my state's senator and one of my state's House of Representatives and they preceded to call the consulate but they told them that I must call. I've called the consulate twice, one of them being today 8/3/09. They wouldn't tell me anything I can do to ensure that I receive it. Could anyone please help me with this situation? Thank you very much!

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    I just got my visa in the mail yesterday from the Washington consulate. They took exactly 5 weeks to process my visa. Definitely call them today and tell them when you are supposed to leave. I was nervous about how long it would take when I was applying, and the woman told me that if it was cutting it too close, I could call and they would TRY to help get it processed faster.

    I'm hoping that the authorities will see that you listed August 13 as the date of departure so they will work quickly to get you your visa in time.

    I hope they can help you!

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    Once they have your passport & the application form there isn't a great deal you can do.

    Did you ask them what the maximum period to process a visa is? Did you ask them where in the process it was? Could they confirm that they had actually received your application & what they were doing with it?

    To be honest, if you've called the Consulate, there isn't a great deal more you can do.

    Are you sure you need a visa? Are you going to live & work there or just going on holiday? Are you a nationality that needs a visa just to go on holiday to Spain & will you be there more then 3 months?

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    Spain issues visa according to time submitted and also the urgency of the visa and the reason for visit. Your senator or representative have no influence in getting the visa issued, You must contact the Spanish Embassy in Washington to get this resolved. Spain is part of the Schengen Area, meaning they will have to check criminal databases in all member states before you're issued a visa.

    Here is the contact info for the consulate:

    Consulado General de España en Washington DC

    2375 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

    Washington D.C. 20037

    Tef. (202) 728-2330

    Fax: (202) 728-2302


    Ask to speak to Consular Services/Visa Division.

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    My partner and I are applying for non-lucrative visas for Spain. What is the minimum income requirement for both of us? We will be living in Barcelona if that is a factor. Can the health insurance requirement be met with long term medical travel insurance? Are there any specific phrases to be included in the doctor's letter? Do you need to write a document explaining the request?

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