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What is "World of Warcraft"?

Is it on the Internet, or is it a game you have to buy? I just saw a mountain dew commercial for it, and it looks fun. Also, can girls play it?since I always hear about guys playing it

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    What everybody else said and yes, girls play too. There's lots of girls out there and I'm one of them. Although I made a male character just for fun. I have 5 female characters in the alliance and one undead female on the horde.

    Its fun but I think its more fun when you play with someone you know... or when you invite random people to do the quests with you. Sometimes doing everything by yourself gets a little boring.

    I suggest you to download the free 10 days trial from their website. Sign up and download the game (Its a big file so its gonna take time).

    If you like the game then you HAVE to buy the game box because it contains a code that you need to insert in order to make a full account.

    Its like $15 monthly fee or you can buy 60 days prepaid cards and use the codes. Then you can play with the same characters you made during the trial account days or just delete them and start another.

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    It's an online game, yes. You have to pay a monthly fee to play it. It's 10-15 bucks a month, can't remember exactly...

    Sure girls can play it, but if you do, I wouldn't suggest ever revealing that you're a girl. Believe me, you don't want the attention. To these WoW-addicted kids, knowing a female that plays the game is like finding a diamond in the rough. I only played the game for a couple months before getting bored but, just take my word for it.

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    its an online game but you still have to buy it from the store, it cost $15.00 a month and i know plenty of girls that play it. its a fun game if you like mmorpg's and quite addicting.

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    it's online but you have to buy a disc and dowload it. girls can play as I am pretty sure your character can be male or female. I've played it with my friends and It's fun, atleast as far as i know

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