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Harry Potter- Amortentia!?

so yeah, i already asked this in p&s, but i want to post it in b&a too because there are more HP fans here. so here it is again. i'm only gonna post the question part, but if you want to see the whole thing, you can find it in the questions on my profile.

if there were a cauldron of amortentia near you, what would you be smelling? and just for fun, who would you use it on if you liked the idea of using love potions?

i would smell vanilla, chlorine, a sea breeze, freshly-baked cookies, rain...

and i don't like the idea of using potion to make someone love me, so no one for me. because i'd know that they didn't really love me, and i'd hate that feeling.

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    If I lived in harry Potter-world, then I would be smelling freshly baked bread, my mum's homemade soup, herbal essence's shampoo and my ex's scent (that makes me sound like a stalker, doesn't it).

    If I could use the potion of anyone, it would be Draco Malfoy. I mean, if Amortentia exists, then so must Draco, therefore I will seek him and pour it down his throat. In reality though, I wouldn't use it because the love would be fake.

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    I'd smell Norbert. He was my dragon.

    I'd smell Hippogriffs an' blast-ended skrewts!

    An' I'd on'y ever give a love potion to Olympe Maxime.

    An' my friend who shares my account on Y!A would smell-

    Nana's roast chicken

    All those smells yeh associate with Chris'mas

    The smell of the woods she lives by- no' the Forbidden Forest though!

    She says she would give her Love Potion to her friend Dan, who unfortunately loves her best friend. Poor kid.

    :) Bes' wishes,

    Hagrid. x

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    Blood, pain, torture, death...*grins*

    I would use it on The Dark Lord. He's so delicious!

    ...but if I was a filthy good-for-nothing muggle, I would smell freshly baked bread, newly laundered clothes, rain, and citrus.

    Oh yeah, and if I were a muggle, I wouldn't use it on any one; I would hate the idea of faking love.

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    I'd smell like the most passionate yet delicate deep red rose

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  • Anonymous
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    I'd probably smell rain, a campfire, grass, roses, and my mom's baking! I probably wouldn't use it on anyone for the same reason as you.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It's yellowish orange.

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    I would Smell Draco.

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    Hmmm, what would I smell?

    Parchment, fresh cut grass, and...Cayenne peppers.

    I'd use it on Draco, er mean Ron.

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    Bleach, Chlorine, Grass, and my dog

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    i'd smell new decrees, fresh misery and childrens pain (yes they are smells)

    oh, and lavander :)

    and id use my love potion on Voldy or Snapey

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