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How to handle a kid with ADHD?

I babysit for my 8 yr old nephew frequently. He yells, and torments my three children and down right doesnt listen to me. I am babysitting for free to help my sis but I dont know what to do anymore, any suggestions??


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Update 2:

Thank u for the people who have responded but for more sister and nephew live with me, she is so busy arguing with her husband she pays no attention to her son. My husband and I second as a mom and dad for him and we already have 3 of our own. My nephew listens to no one not even his own parents. I want to tell my sister I cant babysit anymore, see i am a stay at home mom to my kids and i have my nephew all day while they work. He has become abusive to my kids who are all younger than him and he will kick and hit me if I try to force him in the corner or time out chair so what do i do tell her i cant watch him or put up with it???

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    welll just deal with it. my 6 year old son has adhd. and his annnyoing sometimes, and i might start giving the pills this yeare

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    Does he behave like this for his mother? If he really does have ADHD is he on medication? Talk to her about his behaviour because she might be able to discipline him better than you can. Try and show him who's boss. A naughty step or corner where he has to go if he's bad could work. If he moves don't yell or pay him attention just guide him back there calmly and don't say a word as you walk off. It's hard, but disruptive kids thrive on attention so ignoring and isolating him could be a solution until he gets the message that you won't put up with it.

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    I know with some kids ADD or ADHA is really just a behavior problem and can be solved without meds. But other times the kids need meds.

    First off talk to your sister and see how she handles him. I have a nephew who is like this and sadly a huge part of it is his parents don't teach him to obey. At grandma's house he is a different boy and behaved a little better knowing they mean it when they say no.

    I have 3 kids and we home school. I'm positive 2 of the 3 would be labeled ADD/ADHAD if they were in school. They are more personality though. It is just how they are.

    First thing to do is set down rules. Make them simple though and no too many.

    One of our many rules is this - You have to give respect to get respect.

    That means you treat each other kindly and say please and thank you.

    Also I can't stand yelling. There is no reason for it. It causes stress and honestly I don't feel great when I yell. Same goes for the kids. If they yell I say "I can't hear you when you scream. Talk quieter."

    When he upsets your 3 kids you need to stop everything that is going on. Turn off the tv, computer or video games and demand he looks in your eyes.

    I often point to my eyes and say "Look at me." Then talk in a calm voice.

    Ask your sister to list some chores he can do. My kids have a pocket chart that I created (using envelopes cut in half then taped to the side of a cabinet). They have daily, weekly and month chores. It is their job to look at the cards and turn them around as they do them. Even my 7yr old can do them all by himself.

    If your sister isn't the type to set up chores you can come with them. Just basic things like -

    1. Make your bed

    2. clean your room

    3. brush your teeth

    4. pick up trash in the livingroom

    5. empty trash cans

    6. Help with dishes

    & so on

    An active child needs to be kept busy. When they are not busy they will make up things for them to do even if it will get them in trouble. My 7yr old is like this.

    Do you watch Nanny 911 or Worlds Strictest Parents? You can get al ot of ideas from those shows too that work.

    Talk about punishments with your sister if you can.

    If find taking away tv time, computer time or video game time works best for kids this age. Or losing dessert works well too.

    Often with my kids I'll say "You will lose computer time till after lunch. If you act up again you will lose it all day." or "You lose computer time till I say otherwise." If they are good they get it back. If not I add more days of no computer time.

    Taking away toys and stuff like that works well too.

    He needs things to do. So help him feel big by saying "I'm fixing lunch how about if you come help me." Then let him help.

    Same goes for laundry, cleaning house and so on. If he is busy he won't cause trouble. If he gets bored watch out. lol

    Hope this helps. The key is talk to your sister about how she handles him then agree on punishments.

    Also let your nephew help out picking punishments as long as they are good ones not fun easy ones. This way you can say "Remember we agreed if you hit your brother you will lose video games for 2 days."

    Source(s): homeschooling mom of 3 - I'm sure if my kids were in public school 2 would be labeled ADD/ADHD
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    Two of my three boys have ADHD. It is very difficult and exhausting. I try to keep them busy with hands-on activities, preferrably outside, and away from each other. When one of them is too wound up, or is being naughty, they need to go to their room, away from the rest of us, to calm down.

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    with ADD here are some things that can help!

    discontinue sugar (that makes them more calm)

    caffeine if really relaxing

    dont yell

    Source(s): I have ADD
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