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i need non judgemental advice..?

last week i had a termination and i know a lot of you are against abortion so i ask you if you are against aborton then stop reading now..i done it for reasons that i thought were right and i dont feel i have to justify myself to anyone.

i felt ok initially but now i am so angry to everyone around me i have become impossible. i am taking the pill but i dont know if thats making me so angry or not? i feel like i am loosing my mind, my one friend that i relyed on most left me last nite to go out with other friends without asking me and i feel quite hurt by this as we had loose arrangements ourselves and also the fact she never asked me when she knew i was upset anyway. i feel so alone right now cos i really have no one to tak to.

also me and the babys father were only together 2 months when i got pregnant and then i started giving out and giving him a hard time when i told him so we split up. he still stood by me and was there whenevr i needed him but we just werent a couple. lately we started meeting up again and he told me he missed me one night. we have seen each other a few times since then but nothing serious. when i had the termination he was there and made an effort but last night i asked him what the story was between me and him was and he said he didnt know because he has other problems to deal with like family and financial worries as a lot of people have. he cant even afford to drive his car at the minute. i said he either wanted me or he didnt and he said he wouldnt be answering the phone to me if he didnt want me. i told him to call me when he knew what he wanted but now im confused and dont know what to think or do, has anyone any thoughts on this matter? do you think it may be over for good with the way he is talking?

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    This is a question that would be more appropriate for the relationship section, it definitely doesn't belong in pregnancy. It's almost like you're either trying to rub it in the faces of pregnant women that you terminated yours or that you WANT malicious responses.

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    I would talk to your doctor about switching to a different BC. I know when I was on the pill I was really crazy. I got angry for no reason and I would lash out at people.

    But it could also be a side effect from having an abortion, you might just have a lot of feelings that you need to work past. In this case I would suggest to contact whatever clinic did your abortion and asking them if they offer some kind of counseling. When I had mine, they gave me a number to call if I started to feel sad, or depressed or angry, it's free and confidential.

    As far as your ex boyfriend goes. You never know, sometimes an experience like this can strengthen a relationship and sometimes it can simply destroy it. Better to just let him figure out his own problems first before getting back into a relationship. After all, it seems you have a lot on your plate right now too.

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    If you just started taking the pill it could be causing you to be angry, the same thing happened to my friend she yelled and screamed and just about everyone for no reason

  • He sounds like a loser. Lose the zero and get you a hero hun.

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    Sorry; I stopped reading.

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