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I have 2 daughters, my oldest is almost 4 and starts preschool this year, and my baby is 13 months old. I have been a stay at home mom with them since day 1. I am now considering putting my 1 year old in daycare while my older one is in preschool and getting a job to help out finances out. This might be strange, but I'm not as concerned about the treatment she will receive because this daycare is run by a teacher and her family who taught my husband back when he was in school and my husband knows the family and they are very loving, caring people, so I know she will be in good hands. My problem is that a lot of my friends have told me their little ones were always sick after they started daycare. I'm nervous that she will pick up every little bug and then I'll be having to stay home with a sick baby and won't be able to keep up with my job. What experience do you have with daycare? I'm not sure what I should do...


My husband is out of town with work Mon - Fri, only home on weekends, so an evening job wouldn't work, but thanks for the advice, I would love to be able to do that!

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    Kids do tend to get sick at daycare, but if they are home and shielded from germs all the time, it doesn't give them a chance to build up their immune system. So, a little bug every once in awhile isn't really all that bad. Talk to the daycare provider about her policy with sick children. I know mine would take my son as long as he wasn't vomiting, or severely contagious (like diagnosed strep for example) but if it was just a fever or runny nose/cough, she would still take them.

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    If your youngest is 13 months, he won't be as sick as younger babies would be. The first year is the worst for catching daycare illnesses. My son is now nearing one year (he is 11 months) and I have noticed he is getting sick less and less.

    The first few months were rough though, but not terribly bad. Daycare will still take a child if it is just a common cold, they only send them home if its a fever, diarreah, vomitting, rashes, etc. I would say, in the first 11 months, I have probably used 5 sick days with my son.

    Is it a center, or an in-home? My son goes to a center, so there are much more kids, and much more germs. In-home daycares usually arent as bad, because there are much fewer kids there.

    Overall, I really like my daycare, and exposing them to germs now, is much better than later. They build immunity that way, which will help them in the long run.

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    My kids (3.5 and 7 mos.) both go to a very good, reputable clean daycare. When my son was an infant, he was always sick. His teachers noted that he was sick more than the other kids. He had allergies, asthma and eczema, and would get colds all the time that easily progressed into ear infections. I missed some work, but as long as the child doesn't have a fever, rash, vomitting, diarrhea, or goupy eyes, school will let them attend.

    My daughter has been there 4 months already, and has only had a couple of colds. She has her first ear infection now, but I think it is from swimming.

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    I used to work in the toddler room at a daycare. The rule was no sick kids but we often had little ones with colds/coughs etc. I'd say there is definitely a chance that she'll get some colds in daycare. However if you trust these people and they run a good clean child care facility you should be all right.

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  • my mother used to have an inhome daycare and in florida, the law states that a child must be sent home if he/she is contagious( running a fever of a certain degree, not sure what it is, or vomitting, has any sort of open sore, etc.) not all providers do this because they are afraid the parents will be mad. you need to get with the daycare and find out their policies on this. im not sure if it is the same everywhere, but in florida it is against the law to let a sick child come to daycare. but your child will be sick more often than now. you cant avoid that. but it will be good she is exposed to some germs for her immunity. you shouldnt have much to worry about once you find out the providers policies and how strictly she follows them.

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    Germs are a part of life when around other kids. When my daughter started daycare, she was constantly sick with a cold for approx 6 months straight until she got used to all the germs that each kid keeps passing back and forth. Oh yeah, and my hubby and I were always sick too.

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    My son hasn't started day care yet but will this fall. But I can speak to the germ thing...I am a PE teacher...all of that equipment...all of those kids... I am sure you can only imagine the germs I have running around me! With your preschooler starting school s/he will bring home all sorts of germs from there! Every year when kids go back to school or even return from winter of spring break, a new set of germs go around and people get sick. It is kind of like an endless cycle. Just make sure that the baby is getting lots of rest, fluids, and a good diet! Also wash hands often and that should help keep the germs down some! But honestly, where there are a bunch of kids...there are germs..

    I agreen with Kell-o kids get sick. It helps them build their immune system! You don't want to keep them oversheilded!

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    I got a part time job in the evenings/weekends so my husband can watch them and we don't have to pay for or put them in daycare.

    It is working out great and i still get to be with them during the days and some evenings...

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    What is 'daycare'? Just opposite of 'nightcare'..lol...

    To grow a child a mother is significant, no daycare center can fullfill it.

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