Has anyone had a baby that skipped crawling?

My son is just over 7 months old and has totally mastered the army crawl. He does get on his hands and knees and I have seen him do a normal crawl once, but he took three "steps" and plopped down on his belly and proceeded to army crawl across the room. My question is, since he knows how to army crawl so well, will he even need to regular crawl, or want to?


Not worried, just curious :) He is trying to stand - he puts his head on the ground and stands up and looks between his legs, and he is sitting now on his own too. Moving right along - too fast :)

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    As long as they do some form of 'crawling' before they walk they will be fine. That means the army crawl, ape walk, butt scoot are all fine.

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    My mother in law told me that my husband never even army crawled-

    he rolled everywhere he wanted to go until he was about 9 months old

    then one day, he just stood up and started walking

    My son is 5 months old and my MIL says that he behaves much as my husband did when he was that age: rolls everywhere but shows no interest in being on his tummy or crawling

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    Perhaps he will eventually try. If he can get around fine with the army crawl, then I wouldn't worry, though. He'll be walking in no time at all.

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    ok im sorry to assert there are some very regrettably uneducated human beings answering your question. crawling is truthfully necessary for the splendid progression of the left and perfect innovations. my chum is a expert in newborn habit, and the numerous first questions she would be ready to ask mom and dad of "complicated" babies are ones like "did he ever flow slowly as a sprint one?" if the respond isn't any, she would be ready to do many workouts with the newborn that simulate crawling to help advance their innovations. in short, that's extremely achieveable that your little you're able to finally end up with behavioral subject concerns whilst she gets older. yet once you decide directly to inspire her to pass crawling, flow perfect forward!

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    My oldest walked at 9 months and one week. She skipped crawling all together. And her doctor was completely fine with that. She said that some babies just like walking better and it is no big deal.

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    My niece never crawled. She did this kinda ape walk where she slid on her bum using her arms to pull her forward. That started at like 9 months, and at about a year she began walking.

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    Yea, my only niece didn't crawl, walked after 1.5 years. Till then she used her hands to carry the body.

  • Well mine continued to scoot until 9 months when he just all of a sudden decided he would rather do it on hands & knees.

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    My cousin's son just scooted around, he never craweled, now he is running around [:

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