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How can I get other people to do what I say?

Is there a trick to getting people to do what I want?

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    Jeff, it's not a trick, it's a science. Conversational hypnosis offers the power to have people immediately obey your commands without them realizing what you are doing. These methods are highly controversial because irresponsible people have used them for illegal activities like robbing banks and businesses. However for now, these methods are still 'under the radar' of the general public. This makes it the perfect time to learn the secrets before legal action is taken to stop these methods from being publicly available. The most widely recognized and highly regarded conversational hypnosis product is available from the Hypnosis Training Foundation ( ). Their product has been on MSNBC and the BBC and has been proven to return results. All I ask is that you use this knowledge responsibly. I hope this works well for you Jeff!

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    You don't illustrate what you mean by this. An example would help.

    "Do what I say" sounds tyrannical.

    If you make polite requests, and what you request is the best course of action, then people are more likely to do it, than if you make a demand and there are 10 other possible options, all of which are more sensible than what you want.

    Explaining your reasoning also helps, as does asking for the other person's help in making a decision, rather than just presenting them with a final outcome.

    All of this assumes you are being responsible and trying to accomplish things that are constructive, not merely ordering someone to sit in a different seat.

    As I said, an example would have been helpful.

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    The art of manipulation. The first tactic is to not care, and let them come to you to get your attention. If that doesn't work, use a threat, or a consequence.

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    You have to show, and assert yourself, as leader. In order to get them to listen to you, you have to show them that you are very serious about what you say, but don't use violence or aggression, because that isn't good leadership.

    Take care.

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    of's all in your attitude

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