Who are the BEST and WORST tennis commentators?

So here is this poll:


Why do people hate Carillo so much she's hilarious!? Patrick Mcenroe is annoying but Mary!? Anyway you can rank them if you want..

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    Oh yeah, rather than editing my other answer to add this one in, I forgot to mention that Cliff Drysdale bugs the hell outta me! And I'd like to point out on the link that you've given us that the same website also has titles such as "Does Patrick McEnroe have "Homoerotic" feelings for Andy Roddick and James Blake?" and "Barbie and Ken Bounced from Tennis" (Roddick and Maria from the 2008 Wimbledon 2nd round.) Clearly this website isn't that reliable or anything especially considering he just had twins with his wife several months ago......

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    terrific so as: J mac P mac M Carillo L Jensen (no longer pronounced) Chris Fowler Brad Gilbert (no longer pronounced) Darren Cahill Cliff Drysdale in simple terms ok: Dick Enberg Jim Courier Mary Jo Pam Shriver Worst: Chris Evert (no longer pronounced) Martina Navratilova (no longer pronounced) Tracy Austin Bub Collins (even with the fact that i would not do away with him because of the fact of his iconic status in tennis historic previous). Jimmy Arias Fred Stolle

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    Best: Mcenroe

    Worst: Mary

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