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I am having trouble with my little brother?

My little brother is wanting to copy me now, because he's starting to wear my wristbands and wants the same hairstyle as me, wants to wear my studded belts,chains, etc...and my parents are thinking of throwing away everything I have and want to dress me like how they want to and they wanna cut my hair cause they think I am teaching him all do I make my little brother to not want to copy me anymore?


im 13 and i turn 14 in november and he wants to start painting his nails black, buying fingerless gloves, and band t-shirts (like slipknot,etc) as well

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    aww that's kinda sweet! he looks up to you! Let him off easy cause you are his roll model. Just tell him that youd think it's better if he wore his own clothes and bought clothes more his style and age. Well goodluck!!!

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    ALL little brothers want to copy their cool older brothers, it's what little brothers do!

    How old are you, because your parents should not be trying to impose a certain casual dress style on you if you're in your teens.

    Confront them and ask them what their problem is.

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    My little brother always copies my oldest brothers! haha. It does get very annoying and my brothers hate it too. But i dont know if i can really help you because my mom has never told them to get rid of their stuff or even thought about it. I would just try to talk to your parents and then talk to your little brother and tell him how copying you isnt a good thing because he is just little and he needs to try to do something different with his life, instead of trying to copy yours.! GOOD LUCK :)

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    Younger siblings normally want to minic an older person. you brother picked you. The question is how do you want your brother to see you?

    You need to teach your brother the right ways to go and grow into a good human being.

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    It relies upon on how previous you're. It additionally relies upon on wether you have advised your mom and dad or not. tell them first and tell them how long it relatively is been gonig on. particularly cases mom and dad do not choose to get too in touch, so i might recommend getting your brother and the the remainder of the babies that get messed with to play on your outdoor without the bully. you comprehend style of save it a secret so as that he doesnt attempt to persist with them. If the bully makes his far greater than on your place, in basic terms tell the him that he's not welcome at your place until he can play correct inclusive of your brother and the the remainder of the lads interior the heighborhood! in case you have not have been given a outdoor have the lads play interior until the bully is going living house. Then your brothers and his friends could make their previously exterior to play. do not forget that if the bully tries to return returned exterior to play, all of you flow returned interior the living house perfect away. save doing this and have faith me, the bully gets the element and the two flow living house and picture approximately his habit or attempt to restoration the project by making use of appologizing!

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    be proud that you've got a little dude following in your footsteps! he wants to be like you and take almost the same steps of independence you did not that long ago. he needs a big bro to support him, not a third parent :)

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