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Ive been playing guitar for 3 years now and looking for a good guitar for around 1200$?

Hey like the title thing says im looking to buy a good guitar for around 1200$. Well my band writes original thrash metal music and i solo very good for 3 years but im wondering wat kind of guitar i should buy for gigs and stuff.

Things im looking for in the guitar are like Demarzio pickups or emg pickups.

24 frets

something like Dean, Jackson, Ibanez maybe BC Rich (But not warlocks)

it would be amazing if you guys could help me pick one out Thank You (=

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    Bro you can get a pretty good les paul for that, mine cost $900 with no finish and it sounds amazing. deans and BC rich's sound like sh*t. ibanez and jackson are okay, but for that money you can get a les and they just sound so amazing, you will not regret that purchase ever.

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    The advantage of TAB is that it shows the intermediate notes and solos, not just the chords. You don't get that from a chord diagram. It sounds as though you are both using chords but just using a different way of presenting them. For speed of communication, the chord diagram is quicker to read. I can see TAB would be a great way to learn to copy a song if that's what you want to do. I suppose you'd probably do it to learn the structures and techniques and to train your ears rather than to actually try to copy the original. The ability to read music together with an understanding of music theory could be valuable skills for a serious musician. Then again, you can probably get by without them. I don't read music and, since TAB was invented long after I started playing, I have never found it appealing. After 40-odd years playing, mostly finger style, I rely on my ears to tell me what to play. That is not always good because I cannot use sheet music to learn a song I have never heard. I have to hear it and then work out my own interpretation of it. This whole question of what is better or who is better misses the point. It is not a competition. When you feel the music and lose yourself inside it - when it makes your spirit soar and time slip away, THEN you are being a musician. While you are concerned with how fast you play, how many licks you've got down and that sort of stuff, you are more of a technician. It's not a bad place to start but you wouldn't want to live there, right?

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