Is it possible to transfer a complete xbox 360 game?

Is there any way to transfer a complete xbox 360, ps3, or wii game to a computer file and then put it on a website to download? And if not then how do the other sites like everything 4 xbox do it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes, you can. you can do this 2 ways, if you have a hard drive you can hook up the transfer cable it came with up to the usb drive in the hard drive of the computer(that would be the one[usually]that you put cd's in)

    and transfer it on the computer that way. The other way would be if you a a usb flashdrive/usb transfer cable, hook that up from your 360 to the computer and transfer it like that(this is also useful when you want to record something on xbox live to your computer)

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