How much would an iphone be with the works?

My phone right now is on sprint so in order to get an iphone I'd have to switch to at&t and stuff. I'm looking online and the new 3GS-32G iphone is 300 dollars alone. Unlimited calls (which I'll need) is an extra 100 dollars and unlimited text (which I'll also need lol) is an extra 20 dollars a month. So if anyone out there actually HAS an iphone can you please just tell me the average you paid for the first month and an average of how much you pay every month after that? Thanx!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    With unlimited voice and text as well as the mandatory data plan, your monthly bill will be $150/month plus fees and taxes. Your first bill may be less since AT&T has rolling billing cycles and there may be an interim bill to cover the period after you buy the phone up to your first full billing period. Conversely, they may hold your billing and combine it with the first full bill. In any event, the first bill usually contains the $35 activation fee.

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