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Cotto walking away from fight with Pacquaio?

If Manny Pacquaio wants the 147lb Welterweight Title, then he should fight at 147 lbs. If WBO agrees in favor of Pacquaio (which they will, because Bob Arum is in favor of Pacquaio) that Cotto's title must be on the line for that bout.... Should Cotto continue with the fight or walk away? Should Cotto bend over for Pacquaio or walk away? Will Cotto sell himself out for the big payday or is his reputation and pride more important?

If the fight is not taking place at 147 lbs, then there shouldn't be no 147 lbs title on the line. If Pacquaio camp cannot agree to that, then everybody walk their separate ways.

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    i agree

    cotto doesnt need manny

    it would be a bigger payday for sure, but he doesnt need manny

    if they force him to put his title on the line, thats bullsh*t

    im suprised you dont have 10 emails already saying 141-147

    i would rather see him face mosley again anyway

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    Well from all the stuff I've been reading I lost respect for Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao wants the fight to take place in a catch weight of 147 lbs because he wants Cotto to be weight drained by the fight. If Pacquiao had no problem making a fight with DLH at a catch weight of 147 lbs (which weight drain the middleweight DLH) then he shouldn't have any problems fighting Miguel Cotto at his natural weight.

    Pacman already knows he's at a disadvantage he's not stupid but if u want a 7th belt Miguel Cotto should be calling the shots and that's what he's attempting to do.

    Yes Pacman had problems making weight with DLH but he was stronger, faster, and more skilled in that fight.(that might've been a illusion because he was fighting a turtle with no shell)

    Pacman isn't going to walk away from this fight nor is Cotto.

    Cotto said that he wants the fight but he's not going to put his belt on the line, but WBO president has the power to strip Cotto of his title and have it on the line in the fight.

    But if that happens and Cotto wins he's not gonna be champion the title will remain vacant. But if Pacquiao wins then he wins the belt.

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    No, I don't think Cotto should walk away...You shouldn't count him out yet, especially because he has some advantage here. Like everyone is saying, this is his biggest payday to date and a win against pac would even be bigger. Cotto was 146 against clottey, 1 pound doesn't mean anything for him, but for pacquiao, who was 140 last weigh-in, 7lbs makes a huge difference. Mosley ask pac to fight at 140 (lightweight), he is actually doing Cotto a favor by fighting him more fairly at 145...instead of 140-143. Not to mention, Andre Berto has been fighting the welterweight title at 145-146...the belt was still in the line...147 is the maximum. With that in mind, you can’t say that Cotto is being treated unfairly, he was 145 against Judah and he dominated that fight.

    Also...everyone here is acting like pacquiao is a catchweight king....in fact, this was the first time he ever agreed to a catchweight. His fight against De La Hoya was at 147(welterweight) and he only made 145 lbs....

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    Cotto has said in the past few days that he would rather relinquish the title than risk it at 145. However, now Arum himself if putting pressure on Cotto because Roach has said that if there's no title on the line, Pacquiao doesn't need to risk a fight with Cotto. This might prove to be the turning point. My guess is that Cotto will likely cave in. I don't think he should, but I can't really blame him if he does. This is the biggest payday of his career... a career he has said is in its last years (he has publicly said many times that he will stop fighting once he's 30 years old).

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  • Irwin
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    141-147 is Welterweight. So Pacquiao should come in at 145 while Cotto comes in at 147.

    But even if they had the fight at 145 wouldn't Cotto be 160+ during the fight? And Pacquiao would only be like 148? Cotto would have a 12 pound weight advantage during the fight right?

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    who cares about some silly WBO belt, theyre just gonna charge him a ton of cash to defend it. there is so many belts these days that no one cares about the titles, just wanna see good competitive fights. i say he's better off relinquishing it and going on with the fight. i could see it being a big deal for a young fighter trying to get a little more attention and publicity with a belt, but Cotto is a big enough name that he doesn't need it.

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    No way no how.

    When has a boxing entity ever obliged a fighter BECAUSE they couldnt make weight? The idea that Pac should be able to fight for a weight division he doesnt qualify to be in is ridiculous.

    It sounds MORE like Freddie Roach is searching for an out for his fighter. He has already said he doesnt feel comfortable with Pac fighting that heavy (actually a good sign for Pac...whenever Freddie doesnt feel good about something it means DOOM for who he is talking about) and quite honestly, the division is thick enough itself for Cotto to get quite rich without Pac. Honestly to most Pac is just a novelty item regarding the welts...no way could he get thru most of the top tier Welts like Mosely or Mayweather, and Roach knows that.

    Wanna watch Cotto get rich? He should back out of the fight, invite the camera crews to follow him, get on a plane to Mexico, and draw a line in the dirt and dare Antonio Margarito to fight him without his wraps.

    THAT would be PPV.

  • Sean G
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    I think if Pacquiao wants to fight at 145 cool but Cotto should get to be 147 because his title is a 147 title. Who does Pacquiao think he is? If you want to fight welters for 147 titles ...do it at 147...this is the same trick they pulled on Oscar.

    If I'm Cotto I'm like Shane let's have our rematch and forget Manny.

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    Nah, its all negotiations talking! He will not walk away with this fight and risk losing millions of dollars, which is easily the highest pay day he will ever get in his career! Cotto is not a dumb enough to do that.

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    I think he should walk away cuz come on the title should be on at 147 lbs not 145

  • Anonymous
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    this is what is most likely gonna happen. if pacquiao doesnt agree to make the fight at 147, cotto is gonna vacate the belt and if cotto wins the belt will still be vacant, but if pacquiao wins he wins the belt. thats just wut i have been hearing.

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